Hey, it's me again, Damakor97. As by my previous posts, I'm working on my first attempt at a fanfiction story about battle spirits. But before those, I made a chapter in the same genre, but more like a sequel to Sword Eyes with Yaiba as the main protagonist. But I dropped the story afterwards and begun working on a my current project. I might pick it up again after some time, but it's not a written decision. So I thought that posting it here might give me some ideas here or tips from you guys. Hope you enjoy this chapter ^_^

Battle Spirits. A mysterious card game that releases many powers of the cards. Even though it’s masked as a normal game, when you unlock your card’s full potential, it will turn into a power unseen by many. To achieve that power, card battlers seek each other out and challenge them to unlock it. There are many legends connected to the game. When one of them is fulfilled, it may signal the end of mankind or the beginning of a new adventure. We now enter the beginning of the crossroads of many legends.


It was a sunny day in the Yokosuka Naval Base. The sea was calm and the wind blew gentle. Walking down the beach was a woman and two girls. The woman looked like she was in her late thirties while the two were sixteen or seventeen.

“Another beautiful day in the base, isn’t it, Akagi?” the woman asked.

“Yes, Houshou-san! I just hope we can get to sortie soon. I’m getting excited.” the girl named Akagi said.

“You’ll get to sortie soon, dear. Just wait for now.” She said.

Houshou looked at the other girl and noticed that she was looking away from them.

“Kaga, is there something wrong?”

“I don’t know, Houshou-san. For some reason I keep looking at the sea and it felt like it was telling me something.” The girl Kaga said.

“Well, whatever it is, I’m sure it you’ll find out soon enough.”

After walking for a few minutes, Akagi looked further ahead, and made a shocked expression.

“Houshou-san, someone is laying there on the sand.” She yelled.

“What?!” Houshou gasped and saw a young person stranded on the beach. They ran towards him to see if the person okay.

When they reached him, they saw that it was a young men, almost the age of the girls themselves. He wore a black cape with shoulder pads with a white dress and pants with on his foot black boots.

Houshou quickly checked his pulse, and was relieved that it was still beating.

“Looks like he’s just unconscious. I wonder where he came from?”

“Maybe he was a survivor of an Abyssal attack?” Akagi suggested.

“That would be impossible. There were no signs of Abyssal activity for the past couple of days.” Kaga countered.

“In any case, we should bring him in so that he can rest. He might have had a difficult time before he stranded here.” Houshou said.

Akagi and Kaga tilted the young men up, and something fell from its pocket. Houshou looked at the object and saw that it was a deck of cards. She took it and saw that they weren’t soaked like the boy was.

“That’s weird. How did those cards not get soaked like he was?”  Houshou pondered, but she shrugged it off and put the deck in her pocket while helping the girls carry the boy to the dorms.

Further ahead, a man was overlooking the scene, and he gave off a smirk.

“Looks like things are getting interesting here. Now, how will this plot unfold itself.” He said and took a bit of… a melon bread? He then left the scene, but not before tripping himself on a rock and crashing on a dune.


The Beginning of the Admiralty – The DarkEmperor Ninetail-Dark


The sky was grey. Filled with ominous clouds. A barren battlefield was seen with a large white dragon with red outlines hovering above it.

“The FlashEmperorDragon TheEnd-Dragonis! Make his foolish soul mine!”

The last words of the man who murdered my father and stole the Sword of Judgment. There was nothing I could do. My hand was empty, all of my spirits are destroyed, and I only have one life left. The only thing waiting for me were the scorching flames of a black dragon.

It burns. It really burns. My body was aching from the attack. My sight was getting blurry. The last thing I saw were my mother and little brother.

“Yaiba, get yourself together! Yaiba”

“I’m sorry, Tsurugi.” I said with a scraping voice before I lost consciousness.


The grey eyes of a young man shot open. He was lying in a big futon. He looked above and covered his eyes with his arm because felt the rays of light being too bright for him. He felt a slight breeze on his jet-black spiked hair.

“Ara, are you awake now?” a voice sounded.

The boy looked at his left to see a woman. She was dressed in a scarlet kimono and navy hakama pants. Her navy blue hair was tied up in a ponytail.

“Where am I?” was the only words he could get out of his mouth.

“You are in the naval base of Yokosuka. I found you somewhere around the shore unconscious. Do you remember what happened to you?” she told.

The boy was thinking hard, but in the end, he didn’t find an answer.

“I can’t remember anything. I’m sorry if I was a bother for you.”

“Ah, I see. Well, memories are bound to return. And don’t worry about being a bother. It has been a long time since I had a visitor.” She said.

“Do you at least remember your name?”

The boy thought hard about it, he looked pained when he tried to remember it. After a few seconds he said:

“I barely remember it, but I believe my name was Yaiba. Just Yaiba.”

“Oh, that’s an interesting name you got. If you’ve got a name like that, you probably learned how to practice kendo, right?”

The boy named Yaiba was confused at her words. After a few moments of silence, he just looked around again. He saw a table with a deck of cards. With curiosity in his mind, he tried to get up.

“Ah, don’t overexert yourself. It’s been a few days actually since we found you, so you need some rest.” The woman warned.

“It’s okay. For some reason, I don’t feel that tired anymore.” He assured.

With careful steps, he was walking towards the table to look at the cards.

“This is…”

“Oh, they were dropped out from your pocket. I thought they belonged to you, so I took it with you. It’s a surprise they weren’t wet since they were inside your drenched clothes.” She explained.

The boy took out a random card and saw that the backing had ‘BS’ written on it. He turned it around and saw a white mechanical fox drawn on it. He then saw the name of it: ‘The DarkEmperor Ninetail-Dark’.

“Why does it feel like this deck of cards is important to me?”  Yaiba thought.

“Do you recall something?” she asked again.

“I don’t know, but it felt like this deck is somehow connected to me.” He said. He suddenly remembered something.

“Now that I think about it, I forgot to ask who you are.”

“Ara, took you a bit to ask. I am the aircraft carrier, Houshou.” She introduced.

He rose an eyebrow with what she said.

“Aircraft Carrier?”

“It’s a complicated matter, but for the meantime, call me Houshou.”

“Okay, then.” He said, and he stared at the card again. Something tells him that there was something connected. He then took the deck and fanned it out. He noticed that most of the cards had a white border, which might mean that it’s a white-colored deck.

At that moment, an alarm was sounded. Yaiba was startled by the alarm and let the cards drop on the table.

“1st Carrier Division. You are to be expected in the sortie hangar. I repeat, you are to be expected in the sortie hangar.”

“What? It’s still too early for them to sortie on their own.” Houshou gasped.

She got up quickly and almost ran towards the door before forgetting that Yaiba was still in the room.

“I need to speak with the admiral about this, just make sure you get rest for now. We’ll sort this out later.” She quickly said before running off.

The boy was now alone in the room. Somehow he felt like he should be running after her, but another thought said that he should at least wait for her. After some quick thinking, he decided to chase after her. But first… he needed to change clothes.

After a few glances he saw that there were clothes neatly folded next to the futon. He leapt towards the futon to find a white jacket, white pants, black boots and… a black cape. Why would there be even a cape here. But he set aside that thought because he needed to hurry.

After a few seconds to change clothes, he ran towards the door when he saw the pile of cards at the table. Normal people would just leave them, but a feeling was telling him to take it. So he just took the deck and stored it in his jacket.

He took with great speed off, but forgot one thing: he didn’t know where to look for.


 For the past minutes, he was running off in random directions with no real goal. When he was about to give up, he bumped into someone.

“Iteh, watch where you are going, brat!” she shouted.

He looked to see a girl around 17-18, in a blue sleeveless sailor outfit, red tie untied on her neck and a white skirt. She had short brown hair with… antenna’s on her head? However, now wasn’t the time to be surprised. He needed to see Houshou to know what’s going on.

“My apologies, but I was in a hurry. Do you know where Ms. Houshou is?” he asked.

“Eh, Houshou-san? I saw her heading towards the admiral’s room in that building.” She explained while pointing to a building. She then looked at Yaiba and rose an eyebrow.

“Wait a minute! I’ve never seen you before! Who are you!”

“Not now, maybe later! Excuse me!” Yaiba said, and dashed off towards the building.

“Oi, stand still, you brat!”

“I’m not a brat, I’m 18 for your information” He shouted back before entering the building.


After scanning through the hallways, he was able to find the room of the admiral. When he was about to enter, he partly heard the conversation.

“Sir, you can’t be serious?! They’ve just finished their training! Those girl aren’t ready to sortie independently!”

“Shut up, Houshou! They are the only carriers available at the moment. Besides, aren’t those girls the First Carrier Division?. No matter how inexperienced, they should be able to clear that mission.”

He heard Houshou and, what he presumed, the current admiral. From the voice only, he could tell he was an arrogant leader.

“But still…”

“The decision is final!”

“Would you at least consider rein…”

“Rejected! We can’t waste precious resources like that. If they fail, then that means they aren’t worthy of that title, right?”

At that moment, Yaiba felt something inside him. It felt like anger, hate. Why did he feel it when he wasn’t even involved on this matter.

“Stop right there, Houshou! Don’t you dare to act independently! I won’t forgive you if you acted on your own accordance! And besides, what could an old model like you even do?”

“Like hell I would listen to you!”

With that being her last words, the door shot open and she ran towards the exit. Yaiba could only gaze at the direction Houshou went.

“This is the admiral to the sortie room, I command to confiscate all equipment from Houshou this instant! Sortie room! This is the admiral speaking!”

That was the last straw. He opened the room with great strength. He saw an old man wearing a white admiral uniform with a cap on his head. He was heavy-weighted from the looks of it.

“Huh, who are you?! Who gave permission to enter my room like that” he demanded.

“Someone you just made very angry. That’s what I can tell you!” he retorted.

At that moment, he only moved with his reflexes. He pointed his hand at the admiral and a visible force shaped like a massive hand grabbed the man from the ground. Yaiba’s left eye was shining with a white light. The light reshaped itself into a sword-like emblem. He then threw the commander towards the wall. The impact was so hard, that a small crater was created by the sheer strength alone.

“Ergh, what is this, why are you doing this?!” the admiral asked with a trembling voice.

Yaiba didn’t respond and continued to restrain him whilst the admiral struggled.

“Stop it Yaiba!”

A voice ringed through him, and he snapped back into reality. The hand dissapeared, and the admiral fell to the ground with a great thud.

Yaiba suddenly felt a headache coming and held his hand on his head. “What did I do? Where did that headache? From who was that voice?” were the questions he thought. But he set them aside to check up on the man on the ground.

He checked his pulse, and was slightly relieved that it was still beating. He was only unconscious for the time being.

He then went outside. His first thoughts were to go to the port to find Houshou. As he ran, he saw a sight he thought was impossible:

A woman, waterskiing on the water. She was equipped with a small deck of an aircraft carrier on her left shoulder and a longbow was held in her left hand. Her speed was fast, that the waves were getting bigger when she passed.

Yaiba snapped out of his thoughts, and saw that it was Houshou. He directly ran into her direction.

“MS. HOUSHOU! MS. HOUSHOU!” he shouted.

Houshou looked into the direction of the shout and saw Yaiba running in her direction on the port.

“YAIBA!” she gasped. She took a turn and skied towards him. “What are you doing here?! I thought I told you to stay in the room!”

“You did tell me, but somehow I got this feeling I’ve had to go with you.” He told her.

“You can’t. I can’t even waste time like this. I need to hurry. The fleet might be in danger!”

“Fleet?” he asked.

“The First Carrier division. They are just two girls that just finished their training.”

“Then take me with you.”

“What?! You can’t be serious? There is no way I will take you with me!” she said with anger.

“Then at least let me follow you, if I can find a boat, I can watch from the sidelines. Please consider it. I don’t know why, but I have this feeling I need to go with you.” He argued.

Houshou was about to retort, when she realized she didn’t have time.

“Fine then.” She conceded.

“At the edge of the pier, there is a small speedboat. Do you think you could sail it?” she asked.

“I might have lost some of my memories, but I do know that I had a knack with vehicles.” He grinned. Afterwards, he dashed off towards the edge of the pier. Houshou then took off with high speed towards the fleet.

“I’m sorry, Yaiba, but I need to do this on my own. I can’t afford to get you injured or even involved in this.”

As he reached the edge of the pier, he saw a sight that wasn’t really ideal for him. There was a speedboat, but it’s condition was bad. It was almost covered in rust, and the seats were all drenched. But he couldn’t complain about its condition, he needed to catch up with Houshou.

In the end he stepped in the speedboat. He almost felt disgusted with the stench of the boat. He took off his cape and used it as a large scarf to hold down the smell.

He then realized that the fuel was empty. He then saw Houshou taking off, not slowing down and towards her destination.

“Damned, why must it happen now?! I need to catch up with her. Damned!” he cursed.

“Don’t curse that much, your majesty. It’ll become a habit of yours if you continue like that.”

Yaiba looked behind him and saw a man. He was dressed in a white shirt, a red robe with matching pants, and a weird mask with an orange visor on the eyes.

“Who are you?! And why did you call me majesty?!” Yaiba asked surprised.

“That’s something for later, but first things first. Are you willing to follow that woman into the seas?” He said.

“What kind of question is that?!”

“Because that will connect to a fate that might ruin the rest of your life. That is all I am saying.”

Yaiba was shocked that if he follows Houshou, it might be the biggest mistake he ever made. But he closed his fist and declared proudly: ”I want to follow miss Houshou. Even if it might ruin the life I have, this is something I need to do. Even if I regret it, my decision is final.”

“For what reason do you want to follow her? She might not appreciate what you are doing since she left you with this rusty old boat.” He asked.

“She took care of me while I was unconscious. It’s the least I could do to repay her. And I’ve got a feeling that it might lead to what I should do here.”

“Right answer. Then let me give you a little present.”

The mysterious man then showed his hand and a big flash surrounded Yaiba. He covered his eyes with his hands. After the flash died down, he looked around him and saw a massive change.

The rusty old boat was changed into a brand new speedboat, like it was just build. He look behind and saw that the man was gone.

“How did he do that? He can’t be a normal person, right?”  he thought. But he had no time to think about it now. he needs to catch up to Houshou.

He started the engine and started to sail towards the direction he last saw Houshou go.

When the boat disappeared from sight, the man was now standing at the edge of the pier, while having another melon bread in his hand.

“Looks like your fate has taken up a new road. Let’s see if you can change the world like when you did with Tsurugi Tatewaki, Byakuya-Oh Yaiba. Let a new legend begin with our beloved game, Battle Spirits!”

After saying that, he dissapeared once again, with no one knowing where his destination is.


“…gi-san! …agi-san! Akagi-san!”

The eyes of a girl dressed in a white gi with short red hakama pants shot open. She got up and realized she was barely staying surfaced on the water.

“Kaga… san?” she barely said.

Beside her was another girl dressed the same way, but with blue hakama pants. Her hair was tied in a side ponytail.

“Thank goodness, you’ve regained consciousness.”

“How long was I out?” Akagi asked.

“For a few minutes, fortunately.” Kaga replied.

“And the situation?”

Kaga didn’t answer. Instead, she just looked into the other direction. Akagi immediately knew that they were in a bad situation.

In front of them was the worst scenario they could ever imagine: a fleet of numerous Abyssals. From destroyers, all the way to heavy cruisers.

“We need to get away here! Kaga, can you stand?” Akagi asked desperately.

Kaga however shook her head. It was then that Akagi saw that her leg was injured, which made Kaga immobile.

“You need to get away, Akagi-san. I’ll stay here to buy time.”

“There’s no way I could do that, Kaga! That’s not an option now!”

“But if you stay here, we’ll both be finished here.” Kaga reasoned.

“Then we’ll need to improvise somehow.” Akagi retorted.

“How, all of our arrows are depleted, even our bows are broken. The only options we have left are you abandoning me or going down together.” She retorted.

Akagi bit her lip. The situation isn’t favorable. Even if she carried Kaga on her shoulder, the enemy would just catch up in no time.

At that moment, Akagi felt a shiver and pounced Kaga back. An explosion was heard almost near them.

Akagi got up and looked to her side to see a destroyer almost approaching them. But before it could open fire, gunfire could be heard. The destroyer was destroyed in an instant.

The carriers looked up in the sky and saw something. It was too blurry to make out something, but the color scheme was definitely white with black. It was firing beams towards the enemy.

It’s power was incredible. He fired towards the light cruisers with ease, the heavy cruisers blew up into pieces, and the destroyers got obliterated. Even when they tried to fire back, it got an advantage over the sky, and it dodged the bullets too easily.

The sight was for the carriers amazing, but also scary. Not even one of them got spared. They all blew up or got serious injuries. It almost felt disgusting to them.

When the blur stopped firing, the enemy vessels were almost annihilated. Only a few light cruisers were still on the water, but barely and the heavy cruisers were holding each other up to balance themselves.

“So this is the so called ‘Abyssal Fleet’ ?! They should be renamed into ‘Small fry Fleet’! Pathetic.”

Those were the words they heard, presumably from the blur.

Afterwards, the blur then sped up towards the still injured First Carrier Division. When it got closer, they got a good sight on what it looked like: a robot, with his upper body white and the legs black. He was riding some kind of white hover board.

“And this is what they call ‘The Prideful First Carrier Division’? You girls really are disappointing. I don’t even know why my master even thought that you two were important assets in his plan.” It continued.

“Who are you?!” Akagi asked.

“The Atlantia Army’s royal droid. Card Battler Droid White Stinger MKII” he Introduced.

“Card Battler Droid? What are your intentions?” Kaga interjected.

“My orders were to take you two to my master, but seeing that fight, makes me wondering why I should even bother. You are a disappointing bunch of girls who don’t know how to battle.” He said.

The girls were gritting their teeth with that insult. But part of them would agree with what it said. Even if they are inexperienced, that battle should have been easy for them.

“But orders are orders. Now, if you would be so kind not to struggle and come with me, you’ll be disciplined into something more.” He said, and descended towards the girls.

But before he could reach them, the droid almost fell forward. He looked behind him and saw a little plane flying and firing at him. The droid, who got annoyed that such little thing hit his back, pointed his hand towards the little plane and shot a beam at it.

“Who dares to shoot me, the Great Stinger MKII, with such insolent tactic?!”

The girls looked behind it and saw someone familiar to them: Houshou, with her bow still pointing at the droid. Her expression was angry, like someone has just pissed her off.

“What are you doing to my precious students?!” she screamed.

“Taking them to a place where they will perform better results than here. They’re sloppy to be even called sortie-ready.” He mocked.

“You… BASTARD!!” and with that she released more arrows, as the arrows exploded and turned into more little planes.

“Annoying!” the white Stinger said, and fired at the planes with deadly precision. All of te planes exploded in contact with the beams.

“Impossible! How?!” she gasped.

“That’s what you may call ‘better equipment’ than those arrows of yours.” It said, and shot a beam towards Houshou.

Houshou barely dodged the beam and fell to the water. She checked her body to see if there were any injuries, and saw that her leg got hit.

“Now, go to scrap heaven, old woman!” Stinger mocked, and fired another beam towards her.

“HOUSHOU-SAN!!!!” the girls screamed, as the beam was almost going to hit her.

But before it would hit her, another beam showed up from out of nowhere, and it blocked the first one.

“What?! Who was that?!” the droid asked incredulously.

Houshou looked behind her, and saw a speedboat approaching them. To her shock, she saw that it was Yaiba steering the boat.

“How? That boat shouldn’t have been in good condition to be even used.” She thought.


Yaiba was still looking at his hand, and saw the glow that it had before it dissapeared again. That was the third time something weird happened.

First was knocking the admiral off with a giant hand, the second was the speedboat turned from rusty and useless into perfect condition and lastly he shot some kind of power towards the droid out of rage.

“Who dares?!” he heard the droid clamored, before it saw Yaiba.

“Impossible! The Midnight Sun King, Yaiba! Here! In this universe?!”

Midnight Sun King? What was he talking about. That man from before also said majesty towards him.

“What are you talking about? Why did you name me that?!” Yaiba asked.

But the droid only looked surprised at his reply, ad he grinned like a mad man.

“So he has amnesia, well this is a lucky chance. If I take you with me, then my master would be very pleased.” Stinger concluded and flew towards the boat.

But before he could reach him, somehow, a pillar of water rose up and blocked the droid.

“What in the world?!”

As the pillar disappeared, a little sword was floating in the air. The sword had a form of a cutlass, with a blue handlebar.

“What is that little sword?” Akagi asked.

“I don’t know. Everything up to this point, I still haven’t got a clue what’s going on.” Kaga answered.

“Ah! That’s right, Houshou-san!” Akagi suddenly remembered.

She and Kaga then hobbled towards Houshou, who was still laying down after her leg got injured.

“Girls! I’m glad that you’re both alright.”

Houshou felt relieved, and hugged the both of them.

“Houshou-san, is that boy the one we picked up the other day?” Kaga asked.

“Yes. Even though I told him not to come.”

“Isn’t that the old speedboat the naval base left to rust? It looks like it was just bought from someone.” Akagi asked.

“I don’t get it myself, Akagi. But somehow, I’ve got the feeling that the droid knows more about him.”

Meanwhile, the sword descended to the boat where Yaiba was still standing. It then stopped in front of Yaiba, glowing with a gentle light.

“Are you telling me to take you?”  he thought.

Even though he found it ridiculous, somehow, that sword was connected to him in a certain way. So he took the handle.

A flash appeared when he touched it and it enveloped the sword. A few seconds later it changed form into something rectangular shaped.

As the light died down, it changed into a cards with a sword depicted on it. The sword was like the same one before the flash, but with more detailed. He also noticed that the borders of the card were the same as the cards of the deck he carried with him. He noticed the name of the card: ‘The MidnightTreasuredSword Midnight-Sun’.

In that moment, his head began to hurt even more. He clutched his head and almost fell before he clasped on the seat. The mark on his left eye began to shine.

After a few moments, he opened his eyes, and the mood suddenly changed.

“To think I would see my sword once again. It surely was fate that brought us back together.” He said.

“Impossible! How did you retrieve your memories?!” Stinger asked incredulously.

Yaiba looked up in the sky, and saw the droid.

“A royal Droid? What is your purpose in this place?” he demanded.

“That won’t matter. If I can bring you to my master, then everything will be going as planned.”

“Master? It can’t be?” he thought. It was almost impossible, but he couldn’t be too sure about it. It had happened before that the man was involved in a sinister plan.

“If you want to take me, then battle me! In the traditional way.” He said, while taking out the deck.

“How bold of you. What will we be betting on it.” the droid asked.

“If I win, I want information on why I am here, and afterwards, you’ll leave this area immediately!” Yaiba declared.

“And if you lose?”

“You can take my life, and that of the girls here.”

The girls were shocked at his wager, but not as much as Houshou.

“Yaiba, what do you think you’re doing?! Why did you just risk our lives like that?” she clamored in an angry tone.

“Don’t worry, Ms. Houshou. The chances of me losing this battle is little to zero.” He said confidently.

“That is another bold statement. You really have your memories returned. Alright then. I’ll agree on these terms. Prepare to lose here!” the droid declared while taking his own deck. He descended down to the sea and let the board float on it.

“Then let’s move on! Gate Open! Release!” Yaiba declared, and both him and the droid were enveloped in light and disappeared in mere seconds.


Intermission Screen #1:

Yaiba smiling while holding his Sword Brave. He was standing behind the sea at sunset with the waves getting big.

Intermission Screen #2:

Yaiba leaning against a wall holding a card between his fingers with ice surrounding the background.


“What just happened! They both disappeared!” Akagi shouted with surprise.

“Look, up in the sky! Something is forming.” Kaga pointed towards the sky.

The clouds were reforming into a rectangular shape, like some kind of screen. As it formed up, the screen showed an empty battlefield.  They could see the droid on one side while Yaiba on the other. He had a stern look, like an admiral giving his orders towards his subordinates.


In the battlefield, Yaiba felt some kind of reminiscence. His mind went at ease, and he breathed the air. But he was surprised that he wasn’t on a hover board, but on a platform at the edge of the field. The table was still the same, with the only difference that it was attached to the platform. He also noticed that he didn’t wore his core trooper, but just his normal clothes.

“Well, a different world might mean different rules. I do hope they didn’t change the way that I’m used to battle back in Legendia.” Yaiba thought.

“Since you’ve just regained your memories, you can go first, brat!” the droid mockingly declared.

“You’ll regret it going after them. Now be ready to get scrapped!” Yaiba declared.

Turn 1

“Start step!”

The table glowed and little blue gemstones appeared. Five appeared above while another four were at the bottom-left.

“Looks like this battlefield is similar to the Extreme Zone. Good to know that.” He thought.

“Draw step! Main step! Dark-Caribou, be summoned at level two!”

As he drew a card from the deck, he tossed it on to the table, and two gems moved to the card while the other two moved towards the right bottom side and disappeared.

A white diamond appeared in the battlefield. After a few seconds the giant gem broke, and in its place was a navy blue mechanical deer with red eyes and golden antlers. (LV2/2/BP3000)

“Turn end! It’s your move.” Yaiba declared.


Life: 5

Reserve: /

Hand: 4

Field: Dark-Caribou (LV2/2/BP3000)

Turn 2

“You’ll regret this. Start step! Core step! Draw step!” he declared while drawing a card.

“Main step! I summon Prod-Falcon and The Sacred Gaebolg, both at level 1!”

After tossing two cards on its table, two more diamonds appeared before breaking into dust. In their place were a little yellow satellite with blue panels, a dish on his left and a little cannon on his right. (LV1/1/BP2000)

Afterwards, a sleek cyan robot with silver outlinings floated in the air. It had long legs, large shoulder plates and a handle on its head. (LV1/1/BP3000)

“Attack step! Gaebolg attacks!”

The cyan robot took off, and transformed into a large spear that flew off towards Yaiba.

“Dark-Caribou, protect me! With its effect when blocking, it gets BP+3000! And with its level 2 effect, it gains an extra core” (LV2/BP3000-BP6000)

The deer was enveloped with white power, and galloped towards the incoming spear. Gaebolg transformed again and tried to kick the deer away, but it evaded the robot and head butted it, causing it to crash to the wall and explode.

“Turn end!” Stinger declared.

White Stinger:

Life: 5

Reserve: 1

Hand: 3

Field: Prod-Falcon (LV1/1/BP2000)

“Looks like you just made a misplay there. If you have summoned Gaebolg on its own, then it would have been able to take my spirit with it. Or I would have taken a life here” Yaiba commented.

“Shut up! It’s your turn now!” it sneered.

“Very well then.”

Turn 3


Life: 5

Reserve: /

Hand: 4

Field: Cark-Caribou (LV2/3/BP3000/Exhausted)

“Main step! I’ll take one core away from Dark-Caribou, and summon Dark-Gadphant at level 2.”

With a big thud, a black mechanical elephant with purple markings appeared. His ears were decorated with diamonds, and his nose was equipped with a turret. (LV2/2/BP4000)

“With its effect when summoned, I return Prod-Falcon with BP2000 back to the hand.”

The elephant slapped his nose to the ground, which created a force that made the satellite fall backwards and disappear in white particles.

Afterwards, the card jumped from the table and floated for a few seconds before the droid took it back to his hand.

“Attack step! Dark-Gadphant, Trample your foes down!” Yaiba commanded.

The elephant tilted his two feet and made the ground rumble before running off towards the Stinger.

“I’ll take a life for that!” he declared, and a white energy shield formed in front of him.

The elephant then used his nose turret and fired bullets. The bullets hit the shield and it broke down after a few seconds. The droid then grunted because of the flash the broken shield created.

“That ends my turn!” Yaiba declared again, as Dark-Gadphant returned back and lied on the ground.


Life: 5

Reserve: /

Hand: 4

Field: Dark-Caribou (LV2/2/BP3000) Dark-Gadphant (LV2/2/BP4000/Exhausted)

“You might be the Midnight Sun King, but I’ll still pummel you until you beg for mercy! My turn now!”

Turn 4

White Stinger:

Life: 4

Reserve: 3

Hand: 4

Field: /

“Main step. Prod-Falcon, be re-summoned at level 1!”

The yellow satellite reappeared back, now aiming his cannon at the enemy.

“He won’t be alone, because I’ll also summon The Sacred Laevateinn and The Artifact Fjalar both at level 1!”

As the diamonds broke again, two spirits appeared alongside Prod-Falcon.

The first one was also sleek and was colored black and silver and styled after a knight. He was armed with a sword and shield, while wearing a little cape. (LV1/1/BP2000)

The other spirit was white colored, with a red feather on its helmet. His green insectoid eyes was flashing while he readied his white axe and orange shield. (LV1/1/BP2000)

“I’m surprised. To think you have cards from the old era with the current ones. You must be really creative when you try mixing them.” Yaiba commented.

“Save the compliments for later, I need to crush you so that my master is pleased!” it snarled.

“You keep saying ‘my master’. Would you care to tell me who that is?”

“Like I could, but by the looks of it, you already know who it is, right?”

“Who knows?”

“Attack step! Prod-Falcon attacks!”

The satellite took off towards his opponent.

“I’ll take a life for that!” Yaiba declared.

Prod-Falcon fired a yellow beam towards Yaiba when another shield appeared in front of him. The shield broke when the beam hit him, but left Yaiba unfazed.

“Laevateinn, attack!”


The black robot transformed like Gaebolg, but this time into a sword. It then flew towards Yaiba and pierced the shield. Once again, Yaiba was unfazed by the attack.

“Turn end, looks like I got the upper hand now!” Stinger gloated.

White Stinger:

Life: 4

Hand: 2

Reserve: /

Field: Prod-Falcon (LV1/1/BP2000/Exhausted) The Sacred Laevateinn (LV1/1/BP2000/Exhausted) The Artifact Fjalar (LV1/1/BP2000)

“A battle is unknown until it finishes, that is basic! My turn!”

Turn 5


Life: 3

Hand: 4

Reserve: 2

Field: Dark-Caribou (LV2/2/BP3000) Dark-Gadphant (LV2/2/BP4000/Exhausted)

“Main step. Dark-Gadphant gets leveled down to 1.”

The elephant stared down the ground, before looking back at his opponents. (LV2-LV1/2-1/BP4000-BP3000)

“Dark-Uranus, come to me at level 2!”as he showed a card towards his opponent, a dark entity appeared behind Yaiba and jumped towards the battlefield.

The entity was a dark mechanical horse with red markings over its body. On the sides were four extra legs attached to it, making him look like it has eight legs. On his hips were two panels to balance his weight. He also had diamonds on its torso. (LV2/2/BP7000)

“Attack step! Dark-Uranus, trample your opponent with all your might!” he commanded the horse.

Dark-Uranus gave off a neigh before dashing off.

“Again, strike my life!” Stinger declared, as the shield appeared.

Dark-Uranus fired an ice beam from its mouth as it hit the shield and broke.

“Turn end. Looks like I’m getting closer to ending you.”


Life: 3

Hand: 4

Reserve: /

Field: Dark-Caribou (LV2/2/BP3000) Dark-Gadphant (LV1/1/BP3000) Dark-Uranus (LV2/2/BP7000/Exhausted)

“Hah, like you will win this one, my turn then!”

Turn 6

White Stinger:

Life: 3

Hand: 2

Reserve: 1

Field: Prod Falcon (LV1/1/BP2000) The Sacred Laevateinn (LV1/1/BP2000) The Artifact Fjalar (LV1/1/BP2000)

“First, I’ll summon another Prod-Falcon.”

Another satellite appeared alongside its allies.

“Then magic. I use Reload Cores. For each spirit in the family Armed Machines, I gain a core in my reserve. Since I have four spirits in the Armed Machines family, I gain four cores in my reserve.”

In the reserve pool, four more cores appeared.

“With the increased core, I’ll summon my key spirit!”

“Key Spirit?!”

Stinger only grinned as he holds a card facedown.

“The light that slashes the darkness. Descend from the moon and go forth to the battlefield once again. I summon The MoonlightDragonDeity Lunatech-Strikewurm! At level three!” he cited, as it somehow became night and the moon appeared behind him.

The card flashed for a second before shooting off a beam towards the sky.

As it reached the moon, a bright vortex appeared with a being almost entering the battlefield. The eyes flashed yellow and it let out a roar.

He tilted his left leg and launched itself as the boosters behind its wings fired up. Lunatech-Strikewurm made a few barrel rolls before landing on the ground. He roared once again, and he was more visible. The dragon was mostly white with purple highlights. It had a purple visor and the eyes were yellow.

“For the remaining cost, I’ll use the cores of both Prod-Falcons, meaning they are destroyed.”

The two little satellites dissapeared in particles as Lunatech-Strikewurm roared as an aura has surrounded the dragon before it dissipated once again.

“Lunatech-Strikewurm? To think such noble spirit is in the hands of a worthless droid.” Yaiba commented with slight disappointment.

“Shut up! You will taste the wrath of my power! With him I’ll surely defeat you!” he retorted.

“Attack step. Lunatech-Strikewurm attacks.!”

The machine dragon gave off another roar  before starting up his booster rockets on his wings and flew towards his foe.


Lunatech-Strikewurm fired a beam from its mouth and it hit the shield in front of Yaiba. This time he got a little startled, but he didn’t let it see to his opponent.

“Go, Laevateinn!”

“Dark-Caribou, block! Effect activate! BP+3000! And core boost!” (LV1/2-3/BP3000-BP6000)

Laevateinn jumped up and transformed back into a sword. Before it could reach Yaiba, Dark-Caribou also jumped and blocked the sword with its antlers.

Laevateinn transformed back into his humanoid form and tried to slash the deer with its sword, but it dodged the blow and it gave a head butt towards the wall. Dark-Caribou jumped back before the black robot exploded.

“Turn end.”

White Stinger:

Life: 3

Hand: /

Reserve: 1

Field: Dark-Caribou (LV2/3/BP3000/Exhausted) Dark-Gadphant (LV1/1/BP3000/Exhausted) Dark-Uranus (LV2/2/BP7000/Exhausted

Field: The Artifact Fjalar (LV1/1/BP2000) The MoonlightDragonDeity Lunatech-Strikewurm (LV2/5/BP11000/Exhausted)

“Your attacks disappoint me. You could have finished me off when you had the chance. I don’t have any spirits left to block, so what made you stop you attack?”

“Do you think I don’t know that?! I need to be careful with that hand of yours! I’m pretty sure you’ve got a counter to stop my chain of attacks.” The droid retorted

“We’ll see about that. My turn now.” Yaiba declared.

Turn 7


Life: 2

Hand: 4

Reserve: 1

Field: Dark-Caribou (LV2/3/BP3000/Exhausted) Dark-Gadphant (LV1/1/BP3000/Exhausted) Dark-Uranus (LV2/2/BP7000/Exhausted)

“Draw step.”

As Yaiba drew his card, his face made a smirk. The card he drew pictured the white fox he saw in Houshou’s room.

“Ninetail-Dark, my precious servant. Looks like I’ll need you here now.”

“Refresh step. All of my spirits are refreshed from their exhausted state. Main step. First, Dark-Caribou will be demoted to level 1.”

The deer lowered his head as his power was flowing out of its body. (LV2-LV1/3/1/BP3000-BP1000)

“Darkness, fill heaven and earth!”

“No, it can’t be! At this timing?!” Stinger staggered.

“Stinger. Tremble under the power of white darkness! The DarknessEmperor Ninetail-Dark, manifest yourself at level 3!”

When Yaiba cited his sentenced, the area behind him blackened like it was night. As he held the card up, nine streams of snow appeared behind him. The streams all lined up next to each other, before merging together and reaching the clouds.

An aurora path was formed. From above, another entity surrounded by nine blue fireballs appeared and it descended down before making a somersault and landing gracefully with its front legs.

As the night dissapeared, the being made a howl as the flames dispersed. It was a white mechanical fox with markings on its face, nine tails, sharp as blades and a twin barreled cannon mounted on its back. (LV3/4/BP10000)

“The DarknessEmperor Ninetail-Dark,” Stinger gasped, “to think that you actually have him summoned now.”

“Let’s make this the last turn shall we? Attack step. Dark-Gadphant shall attack first.”

The mechanical elephant made a nose slap before leaping off.

“You fool! That is a sure misfire. Lunatech-Strikewurm’s effect activates! Whenever an opponent spirit attacks, it gets refreshed!”

A white aura covered Lunatech-Strikewurm and he stood up from being exhausted.

“Lunatech-Strikewurm blocks!”

As Dark-Gadphant made a jump, the dragon grabbed the elephant and tossed him towards the wall, which made him explode to dust.

“The DarkEmperor Ninetail-Dark, aim for your enemy!”

Ninetail-Dark made another growl, and ran off towards his enemy with great speed.

“With its level three battling effect, I can send a spirit with a cost of six or less back to the hand. That happens to be you, Fjalar!”

The fox made a big howl that hit the artifact, making him disappear in crystals. On the table of Stinger, the card jumped up making the droid grunt in annoyance as he took it back to his hand.

“With you attacking again, Strikewurm will get refreshed again. Block now!”

As the aura returned to Lunatech-Strikewurm, he flew off towards the approaching fox. The dragon grabbed his cannons and tossed him the edge like he did with the elephant, but this time, Ninetail-Dark skillfully landed before he hit the edge.

“Looks like your Ninetail-Dark is no match for my Lunatech-Strikewurm. This battle is good as mine.” Stinger gloated.

“That would be too early to say. Flash timing. I use magic, Darkness Aura!

As he tossed the magic card to his table, a white aura enveloped the card and a stream was launched towards Ninetail-Dark.

 “With the effect of Darkness Aura, during this turn one of my spirits will gains BP+3000.”

A white aura surrounded Ninetail-Dark and he howled again as he got filled with power. (LV3/4/BP10000-13000)

The fox made a high jump and fired his twin mounted cannons to the opponent. Lunatech-Strikewurm dodge it quickly and flew towards Ninetail-Dark. But before it reached its target, the fox fired an ice beam from its mouth that hit the dragon in the face.

The beam made Lunatech-Strikewurm lose its balance and he crashed on the field. Ninetail-Dark fired another round of its cannons, this time hitting its target dead center. When the beams hit the dragon, it exploded with a big bang. Ninetail-Dark landed back to his side and made a victorious howl.

“Damned, to think that Strike got destroyed that quickly. Good thing that you can only attack two more times to bring my life only to one. I’ll be able to survive this turn.” Stinger said.

“Are you sure about that? Dark-Caribou, attack!”

The deer leapt off with great speed. It jumped up and made a head butt with its antlers against the shield.

“Dark-Uranus, dash off! Then flash timing! Magic! Regain!”

Dark-Uranus made a neigh and sprinted towards the opponent’s shield. But before he reached the opponent, an aura covered Ninetail-Dark as it howled.

“Regain’s effect. I’m able to refresh one spirit on the field. To pay the cost, I’ll use two cores from Ninetail-Dark, leveling it down to level 2. (LV3-2/4-2/BP13000-BP10000).

“No, it can’t be?! Another magic card.” Stinger stammered.

“The attack continues. Dark-Uranus!”

The horse blew an ice beam from its mouth that made the shield crack to pieces.

“Now finish this, Ninetail-Dark! Release your dark power and send your opponent to purgatory!”

Ninetail-Dark jumped off and fired his cannons towards his shield, before falling and using its paws to scratch it.

“So this is the strength of the Midnight Sun King, Yaiba” Stinger said before getting blasted from the shockwave while screaming and disappearing in white particles.

“This match winner… is me, Yaiba!” Yaiba declared, while his spirits made a victory cry.

Winner: Yaiba


“Incredible, to think that he would be able to beat that robot without wavering.” Akagi praised.

“I wonder what happened to him after that attack hit him.” Kaga questioned.

Her question got answered a few seconds later when a white vortex appeared. Coming out of it was the droid and he fell on his hover board that was floating on the sea.

Yaiba reappeared back on the boat while holding a deck. He took a quick look at the contents, noticing that they were the cards of his opponent.

“Guess the spoils of battles are real in this world. Well, at least they are free from getting used by Stinger.” Yaiba thought.

“Give that back! That’s mine!” Stinger yelled.

“These are the spoils of battle. If you want it back, then get stronger.” He stated.

“YOU BRAT!!!!!” he yelled, but he couldn’t move because of the fall. Looks like certain parts of its body was damaged.

“Now, you’ll answer me my questions as part of our wager.”

But before he could answer, he suddenly stood still as his eyes flashed red.

“Oh no! Everyone, get down!” Yaiba warned as he turned the boat around.

Houshou covered the girls and laid them down on the sea.

Stinger made a last cursing before getting blown up in an explosion.

Bits of metal and circuit wires were flying around the area and landed on the ocean. Most of them were floating or they just sank like rocks.

“Well, there goes my part of the wager.” Yaiba simply said.

Even though it was a waste because his questions didn't get answered, he got the gist of it that someone, or something, was trying to do something in this world. He also got a deck, which meant if he were to battle someone, he couldn't afford it to lose.

He then turned to the girls and sailed towards them.

“Are you girls alright?” he asked.

“We're fine. What happened just now?” Kaga asked.

“I've got no idea, but I do know for certain that someone is trying to do something with you two.” he simply said.

“For the time being, get on the boat, who knows if there are more of them coming here.”


After a few minutes, the boat arrived back in the naval base. The trip was uneventful without any surprise attacks.

As they arrive on the docks, they get off the boat.

“Houshou-san, thank goodness you’re alright!”

They turned around to see a woman with pink hair in short twin tails with cranes on her arms.

“Akashi-san!” Houshou smiled after seeing her friend.

Akashi looked at the injuries, looking relieved that they returned alive.

“Looks like you two need a long soak in the docks. You’re lucky that the wounds are just temporary.” She observed.

“Hai, Akashi-san.”

Houshou-san, you’ll have come with me for your leg. It doesn’t seem like an ordinary wound caused by Abyssals.” Akashi explained.

“That would be because it wasn’t caused by an Abyssal, Akashi-san.” Houshou said.

“What do you mean?”

“By the team I reached them, the Abyssals were already eliminated. Because of an arrogant robot.”

Akashi then put her hand on the forehead of Houshou.

“Are you sure you are okay? No fever?”

“No, why would you ask?”

“Because what you said can’t be true. Robots can’t possibly exist like that.”

“It’s the truth. I would have died back then if Yaiba didn’t save us back then.”


She looked behind them and saw Yaiba standing against a wall with his eyes closed and a patient expression on his face.

“Is he that boy you guys saved from a few days ago? He looked different then when he’s asleep.”

“Yes he is. I told him not to follow me, but he was persistent. Even though I’m glad that he was there, he shouldn’t have come.”

“Even if I’m not talking, you do realize I’m standing right behind you, right?” Yaiba suddenly said.

They were surprised to hear him after the trip. He sounded like the silent type.

“Yaiba, let me ask you: Who are you?!” Houshou asked.

Yaiba opened his eyes and declared: “The king of Atlantia, governing both heaven and earth. To others, also known as Byakuya-Oh Yaiba. Or to other people, the Dark White Sword Eye.”

From his tone of voice, she knew that he wasn’t kidding. He was dead serious.

“What purpose do you have here?”

“That’s something I can’t answer, since I don’t know it myself.”

“Anyways, Houshou-san, you should come with me right now for treatment. If we let that injury untreated, it might become infected.” Akashi said.

Houshou nodded at her advice, and followed her slowly, but not before she looked back at the young king.

“You do realize that we aren’t done yet, right?”

“Of course. I’ll wait for you in your room, Miss Houshou.”

With that said, he left the docks and went towards the dorm. Houshou then gave off a small smile.

“What’s that smile for, Houshou-san?” Akashi asked.

“It’s nothing, but I didn’t expect him to be that formal to me. Or even a king.” she replied.

“How sure are you that he was serious about that? For all we know, he might be deluding himself too much.”

“Didn’t you notice the tone of his voice? If one were to be speaking with it, then you’ll know he was serious.”

“Well, let’s go then. That wound can’t wait any longer.”

“Yes, of course.”


As Yaiba waited for Houshou to return, he waited back in her room. He sat on the table with his legs crossed. He was looking at the cards of his deck and his opponent’s.

“Now, what should I do with you? I can’t keep you in my deck since you don’t fit in with my strategies.” He mused as he held Lunatech-Strikewurm in his hand.

“Might as well wait until I find someone appropriate for you. I hope you are patient to find your new owner.”

He put down the card and looked at the other cards. He then looked to see the card depicting Midnight-Sun and took it. He tossed it in the air as a flash surrounded it. After a few seconds, the card turned back into a cutlass, sheathed with leather as it fell back on his hand.

“I wonder why you returned. I thought you were gone to become the foundation of our new world.” He mused once again before he stored the sword back into his pocket.

He then heard the door open and saw Houshou with a bandage on her foot. With her are the girls Akagi and Kaga, both looking better then when they met on the ocean, with the exception of Kaga wearing bandages on her arms.

“You really did wait for me, didn’t you?” Houshou asked.

“I gave you my word, didn’t I? It’s only natural to wait for someone that needs to talk to you.” He replied.

“That’s right. You’re certainly different than our admiral at our base!” Akagi said enthusiastically.

“Akagi, it isn’t polite to address our admiral like that!” Houshou scolded.

“But he is really the worst! He wastes precious supplies, our accommodation is bad and he even denied reinforcements when you asked him! Good thing he got removed from this base!”


“Wait, what happened to him?” he asked.

“No one knows. When the military were arrived to apprehend him, they found him unconscious on the floor in his room. He only muttered ‘that little brat is going to pay!” repeatedly. I assume that’s your handiwork.” Kaga said.

Yaiba stayed silent, but after a few seconds, he nodded that he was the one who made him unconscious.

“You can’t do that, Yaiba! What would happen if you were to be caught by the military? You might get prosecuted for assaulting a higher-up.” Houshou scolded Yaiba.

“I only gave him what he deserved. I saw the state of the buildings in the area and the way he talked to you. If anything, it’s a good thing he is gone now.”

“But did you think what would happen to this base? Without an admiral to command it, it will get shut down.”

“That won’t be a problem, Miss Houshou. That has been dealt with.” A voice suddenly said.

Yaiba perked his ears when he heard this familiar voice. Behind the girls, the man from earlier stood against the door, with his face still hidden behind his mask.

‘It has been awhile, your majesty. It looks like you have your memories returned.” The man greeted while bowing his head.

“It sure has, messenger of the gods.” Yaiba greeted back while bowing.

“Wait! Messenger of the gods?! What is he talking about? And who is he?” Akagi questioned.

“Hold on for a bit, little girl. Your questions will be answered once at a time.”

“First, my name is Justice Tachibana! And this is my Justice” he said, while posing like a superhero.

The room went silent as they didn’t comprehend what he said. He coughed a few times before resuming posture.

“Uhm, next up, I am, as Yaiba said, a messenger of the gods.”

“Wait, so the God of the bible exists?” Kaga asked.

“It’s not that religious, it’s just the man who created this world that we call God. There are many gods who are representatives of each planet or universe.” He explained.

“I’m sure you have questions of your own, Byakuya-Oh, Yaiba.”

“Tell me this: What is the reason I’m here? I thought everything would be over since our Sword Braves have become the foundation of Legendia.” Yaiba asked.

“Ah, yes. In normal circumstances it would have been over. But unfortunately, it isn’t.”

“Hold on! With Sword Brave, do you mean that little sword from earlier?” Houshou suddenly remembered.

Yaiba took from his pockets his Sword Brave and showed it to them.

“Yes, this is one of the signs that I’ve been chosen to wield one of them. The MidnightTreasuredSword Midnight-Sun.” Yaiba explained.

“One of the signs? What’s the other sign then?”

Yaiba said nothing. Instead, he showed his left eyes as it flashed white with an image of a sword.

“The other sign is called the Sword Eye, the sign that you are capable of wielding the Sword Brave.”

“You said that’s one of them. Are there even more of those swords?” Kaga said.

“In total there twelve Sword Braves, six that represent light and another six that represent darkness.”

“But what I don’t understand is why that deck of yours had become a tool to battle? I thought it was just a little card game.” Houshou mused.

“It would be easier to understand if I told you the big picture, Miss Houshou.” Yaiba said and then told the origins of the game called Battle Spirits.

“Before mankind was born, the spirits that resides in the cards were real and living creatures. At first they were mindless beast with animalistic instincts and only knew to fight each other. But one day, God has given them wisdom and the ability to think. However, after a period, the spirits began to rebel against God and organized an assault against him. Within their minds that if they defeat him, that heaven would be theirs to control. But before it could occur, God has thrown down his ultimate weapon to the earth: the Sword of Judgment. When it crashed down, light and darkness has consumed the spirits, which lead them to get sealed into cards, as that marked the beginning of the game called Battle Spirits.”

“God has made a punishment to let them battle in a field for an infinite time, without any rest.” Justice continued. “And that was the reason that man was created. To punish and teach a lesson towards the spirits who once revolted against him.”

“How cruel. To think such history existed behind those cards.” Akagi said.

“But moving on, I mentioned the Sword of Judgment, right?”

Houshou and the girls nodded at his question.

“There exists a legend, that when the twelve Sword Braves and Sword Eyes are gathered together, that the Sword of Judgment will appear before them.”

“And that legend was true, since you have one of them, right?”

“Yes, the legend was fulfilled when I was able to gather the Sword Eyes and Braves. However, at the time, a man who was a loyal subordinate of the palace worked in the shadows, planning to take the Sword of Judgment for himself to reform the world in his image.”

“Who was that man? Is he the same man that droid said he was his master?” Kaga asked.

Yaiba became silent after her question. Houshou then knew it was a sore object to talk about.

“Kaga, it might be better not to ask it for now. It seems that that man was an important person to him.”

“I’m sorry. When the time comes, I’ll tell more about it.” He assured them.

“Back to the topic, after my brother and I defeated him, the sword was taken back and used along with our Sword Braves to create a new future and world, free from the control God has on us.” He further explained.

“Brother?” Houshou asked.

“My little brother, Tsurugi, who defeated the man and was able to reach our dreams.” He smiled when he remembered his brother.

“Ah yes, Tsurugi was the main reason humanity in Legendia hasn’t fallen. Although a naïve boy, he was certainly a winner.” Justice commented.

“Now that has been explained, now is the time to tell you your purpose in this world: Your purpose, is to become the admiral of the Yokosuka Naval Base.”

There was a moment of silence, before they all gaped at him and screamed: “EHHHHHHHHHHHHH”


Card of the day:

The DarkEmperor Ninetail-Dark


Cost: 6

Color: White

Cost Reduction: 3 White

Family: Machine Beast

Rarity: X-Rare

LV1: 1/BP5000

LV2: 2/BP7000

LV3: 4/BP10000

Symbol: White


[Lv1-Lv2-Lv3] (When Blocks) When only the opponent's spirit is destroyed by comparing BP, refresh this spirit, and this spirit gets BP+3000 until end of turn.

[Lv3] (When Battles) Return 1 opponent's spirit with cost 6 or less to their hand.

Rush (Condition: Green): While you have a green symbol, the effect below remains active.

Green: Exhaust 1 opponent's spirit.

The DarkEmperor Ninetail-Dark, a dark white X-Rare. When it blocks an opponent’s spirit, if only that spirit is destroyed by comparing BP, you can refresh it and let it gain BP3000. With its level three battling effect, you can send a cost 6 or lower spirit back to the hand. When your conditions to activate Rush are cleared, it can exhaust an opposing spirit. A frightening X-rare with high defenses.


(Cue Fubuki by Shiena Nishizawa*)

Todoke todoke omoiyo todoke
Sou anohi egao watashi no negai subete kimi to yasashi jikan eto todoke

Umi no ao hirogaru akarenga sonomukou ni nee
Hikaru isonami koe murakumo no sora mabushi ahh
Kotoba erande hitomi fusetemo
Mienai ashita mo kimi no egao

Shiroku shiroku fubuki no you na
Sou deaumaekara wakatteta kono omoi ima nara motto zutto tsuyoku
Tsuyoku tsuyoku negai wa tsuyoku
Tsunaguyo sono te wo kannjite ashita wo shinnjiru yasashii mirai eto todoke


Good afternoon, this is Yaiba. Did you say that I’ve become an admiral? What nonsense are you speaking of? But if it will save Legendia or this world, I will do anything to prevent any disasters. What did you say Akagi? You want to learn the rules of Battle Spirits?

Next Time: Explanations from a King - Rush of Dark-Uranus

Battle Spirits has become a legend once again.