• Damakor97

    Draft, Byakuya Teitoku

    November 17, 2015 by Damakor97

    Hey, it's me again, Damakor97. As by my previous posts, I'm working on my first attempt at a fanfiction story about battle spirits. But before those, I made a chapter in the same genre, but more like a sequel to Sword Eyes with Yaiba as the main protagonist. But I dropped the story afterwards and begun working on a my current project. I might pick it up again after some time, but it's not a written decision. So I thought that posting it here might give me some ideas here or tips from you guys. Hope you enjoy this chapter ^_^

    Battle Spirits. A mysterious card game that releases many powers of the cards. Even though it’s masked as a normal game, when you unlock your card’s full potential, it will turn into a power unseen by many. To achieve t…

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  • Damakor97

    Tag Battle Future

    November 5, 2015 by Damakor97

    Seeming that I'm still in the writing phase, I thought that having a tag battle might give a good battle development for the story.

    This is a prologue of a future battle, does it seem fine for the moment?

    Turn 1

    “Ooi, you’ve got to keep in mind, in this fight, it isn’t needed to battle alone. Considerations to the partner is always rewarding” Matoi said.

    “Yeah, yeah. Now let’s start. Kitakami-san is waiting for me. Start step.” Ooi followed as she was impatient.

    She isn’t listening, isn’t she?” he sweatdropped as Ooi drew a card.

    “Main step. Gatoblepas is summoned.”

    The black winged cow landed on the ground, blinking it’s only eye. (LV1/1S/BP1000)

    “Turn end!”


    Life: 8

    Deck: 36/35

    Reserve: /

    Trash: 3

    Hand: 4/4

    Field: Gatoblepas (LV1/1S/BP1000)


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  • Damakor97

    Hey, the name is Damakor97,

    Recently, i've been trying to write a battle spirits related story. but i'm having a bit of trouble with how i should describe the battles. If possible, could you give me an opinion on how it's good or how it can improve.

    I hope you enjoy the part of the battle, it's going to be part of my beginning stories.


    Life 5

    Deck: 36

    Reserve: 3/1S

    Trash: /

    Hand: 4

    Field: /

    Turn 1

    “The first turn is mine! Start step!”

    The table glowed for a second, afterwards, he drew from the deck.

    “Draw step. Main step. I summon Light-Bladra at level two and War Lizard at level one.”

    A little silver dragon along with an armored orange lizard appeared, chirping and hissing with excitement. (LV2/3/BP2000) (LV1/1S/BP1000)

    Turn end.


    Life 5


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