Touhou Nokon(トウホウ濃紺)is a character of the Fanon-Novel-series, Battle Spirits REBOOT.

"One blue flash! War god of light! I summon The BattleRadiantGod Soldnerg!"

"Open, the blue lotus deep within the sea! Bring waves of zen to here! The LotusMonarch Senju!"

"Crashing waves! Vast emotions! Reveal your power here and now! Soul Burst, activate!"


Nokon is a girl with slender physique and soft, white skin. She has "finely textured" golden hair that seems "as if sprinkled with gold dust" that's tied in a bun with a large black bow. Her face shows some signs of naivety and displays elegance. She wears a pink shirt with a red skirt, red and black tie, pink shoes, and knee socks.


Nokon's personality is a bit different than most girls, and she can be described as more of a manly-girl. She talks like a boy and does everything better then the average boy. She is an alpha girl, that she wants to be better at everything than boys and surpass them. But deep down inside of her, she has a wish, that is she wants a prince riding a white horse come to help her, this wish that is soon realized by one person, that person being Silverwing The Accelrator.


She use a blue deck that focuses on deck destruction with charge and multiple symbol life taking tactic. Her deck is really simple to understand.

Name Color Type
The BattleRadiantGod Soldnerg Blue Spirit
The LotusMonarch Senju Blue Spirit
The Iron Fist WisdomKing Blue Spirit (Soul Burst)
The Fighter of Light Randall Blue Spirit
The MasterBlacksmith Kamemitsu Blue Spirit
The Warrior of Light Gaius Blue Spirit
The Giant Platoon Blue Spirit
The Defender of Light Adrian Blue Spirit
The BlueWaterGreatSword Maelstrom Blue Brave
The WaterSupremeBlade Juzumaru Blue Brave (Soul Burst)
No. 26 Capital Capital Blue Nexus (Soul Burst)
The Lit Three-Pronged Lighthouse Blue Nexus
Swallow Counter Blue Magic (Burst)
Ocean Field Blue Magic
Brimming Summon Seas Blue Magic
Kannon Thousand Fists Blue Magic (Soul Burst)
Impregnable Wall White Magic