The LongBlade of Leadership, Kyōsui-Kōtetsu


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Name The LongBlade of Leadership, Kyōsui-Kōtetsu
Kanji Shidō-sha no Nagakatana. Kyōsui-Kōtetsu
Set HBS-B12
Color Blue
Cost 7
Reduction 3 Blue
Brave Condition A cost of 7 or above
Family Exalted-Sword
Level 1: 1 core, 5000 BP

Braved: 0 core, +5000 BP

(When Summoned) All spirits were treated as their highest level & if you have 5 or more Blue spirits & nexuses on your field, all your spirits gets BP+2000.
[When Braved] Increase the number of cards moved to your opponent's trash from their deck due to this braved spirit's effects by the number of your Blue Spirits.
Flavor Text
Those who reign over the Blue nation once wields this sword. It is said that a very strict requirement is needed to wield the blade. But nevertheless, it was one of the strongest weapons ever forged.
Rarity Master Rare

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