Takuto Makoto (拓人誠) is a character in the Fanon-Novel-series, Battle Spirits REBOOT.

"Soul of flame! Body of iron! Sword of the celestial will slashing through the future! The TrueGuardian Doubleburn, eliminating the target!"


Takuto is a boy with red spiky hair and eyes wearing a grayish-black school uniform. His red eyes and hair can easily make his opponent think he is a red card battler, but actually, he uses white. It can give him a advantage by tricking his opponent to set up for something that doesn't affect his deck, but he personally doesn't use this advantage.


Different from those calm, cold white card battlers, Takuto is a card batter with hot-blood inside of him. He can plan out things out evenly and perfectly and can read his opponent's next move and counter it, but he prefers refreshing and clashing over defending.


He use a deck that focuses on his key spirit: The TrueGuardian Doubleburn, that when braved with a exalted sword, can refresh itself when it brave attacks. His deck is different than other white decks, as it is more focused on offense than defense, although it does have a pretty decent defense.

Name Color Type
The TrueGuardian Doubleburn White Spirit
The CleverMachineSwordsSaint Ryoudan'ou White Spirit
The TwinGunMachineDeity Dirum-Dyna White Spirit
The CleverMachineGeneral Shigure White Spirit
The GenjiEightKnights TsukikazuLancer White Spirit
The CleverMachineMusha Zantetsu White Spirit
The GunSoldier Tanegashima White Spirit
The NextGenerationMachineBeast Blizza-Liger White Ultimate (Burst)
The AuroraBlade Soulbreaker White Brave
The LionSoulBlade Leon-Excalibur White Brave
The GroundDeityBlade Ootenta White Brave (Soul Burst)
The Crystal Sword Detector White Nexus
Burst Draw Red Magic (Burst)
Fatal Draw Red Magic
Burst Wall White Magic (Burst)
Dream Bubble White Magic
Force Cloak White Magic (Soul Burst)