Sai Kibo (最希望) is a character in the Fanon-Novel-series, Battle Spirits REBOOT.

"A great explosion rivaling that of the big bang! Come, Ultimate-Siegwurm-Nova!"

"Shoot your arrows through space! And pierce the stars! I summon Ultimate-Sagitto-Apollodragon!"

"Radiance of the holy fire! Shine through the universe! The HolyDragonEmperor Ultimate-Saviour, descend!


Sai is a young woman with red eyes and hair. She wears a red trenchcoat, black ribbons in her hair and collar, black skirt and pantyhose, and brown boots.


Despite her dominant appearance and age, she acts like a lively and bubbly girl. She's somewhat childish and will pout when something doesn't go her way. However, she seem to be much more mature when playing battle spirits and will help those in need.


She uses an red deck focusing on the Tri-Dragon-Deities

Name Color Type
Ultimate-Siegwurm-Nova Red Ultimate
Ultimate-Sagitto-Apollodragon Red Ultimate
The HolyDragonEmperor Ultimate-Saviour Red Ultimate (Burst)
Ryuuman-Blade Red Spirit
Meteodrian All Spirit
Ryuuman-Raylancer Red Spirit
The StarBowDragon Chaos-Wyvern Red Spirit
Ryuuman-Landaxe Red Spirit
Rookie-Ryuuman Red Spirit
Ryuuman-Skysword Red Spirit
Ryuuman-Crow Red Spirit
The Shine of Supernova Red Nexus
Neo-Double Draw Red Magic
Blazing Burst Red Magic (Burst)
Neo-Flame Tempest Red Magic
Neo-Call of Lost Red Magic (Burst)
Burst Wall White Magic (Burst)