SDF01, Called Pure Rampage is a starter deck in the trading card game. It is the basis for the deck of , the protagonist of Battle Spirits Infinity.

Number Name Color Type Rarity Quantity
001 BlasterDragon Red Spirit Common 3
002 WolfDragon Red Spirit Common 3
003 Herbig-Wyvern Red Spirit Uncommon 2
004 Aquilam Red Spirit Common 3
005 Dragon-Pheasant Red Spirit Common 3
006 Sacred-Blaster Dragon Red Spirit Common 3
007 DualBlaster-Dragon Red Spirit Uncommon 2
008 Explosive-Blaster Dragon Red Spirit Common 3
009 The FangBeastEmperor Kintarogue-Bear Red Spirit/Burst Rare 2
010 The EmperorDragon Kaiserdragon Red Spirit Master Rare 1
011 The GunAstralArmored Baldo-Lizard Red Brave Common 3
012 The Thousand Knowledge Canyon Red Nexus Common 2
013 The Gainarock Big Canyon Red Nexus Common 2
014 Cannonball Red Magic Uncommon 3
015 Neo-Aggressive Rage Red Magic Uncommon 2
016 Burst Cross Red Magic/Burst Rare 1
X01 The DualBlaster Crossfire-Dragon Red Spirit X-Rare 1
X02 The AncientDragon Blaster-Brave Red Brave X-Rare 1

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