Muteki Seiya (霧笛セイヤ) is a character in the Fanon-Novel-series, Battle Spirits REBOOT, originally from the video game: Battle Spirits: Kiseki no Hasha.

"This is my key card! I summon The DragonEmperor Siegfried!"

"This is the iron wall of white! I summon The ImpregnableFortress Odin!"

"Fusion of white and red! Now is time to make a home run! I summon The SacredEmperor Siegfrieden!"


Seiya has brown eyes and brown hair, which stands up on the side of his head. He wears a white and blue shirt, and blue pants with orange cuffs. A pouch is strapped to the front of his waist. He wears brown and blue shoes, with a yellow strap, he has a necklace with red gem on it that his mother gave it to him, which turned out to be a Cornerstone.


Seiya is very similar to Toppa Bashin. He's a big fan of Battle Spirits, always determined to be strong, and is not very sensitive of the feelings of people around him. He admires his upperclassmen in the Battle Spirits club. He has a tendency to make baseball references in his dialogue.

His Mantra is "Straightball Match!"(直球勝負だ!) and he also uses a lot of baseball terns like 'Batter Out', 'Strike', 'Sliding', 'Home Run' etc.


After he became the strongest card battler around in his timeline, he was not satisfied. He went on a trip to find stronger card battlers, then was called to Spirit-Kai as a Warrior Of Legend, and is known as the Champion Of The Cornerstone(輝石の覇者)


His deck is a fusion of white and red with Siefried, Odin and Siegfrieden as key spirits. His deck uses white for hard defense and red to hit hard, by using his key spirit to its full potential.

Name Color Type
The SacredEmperor Siegfrieden Red/White Spirit
The DragonEmperor Siegfried Red Spirit
The ImpregnableFortress Odin White Spirit
The RiseDragon Balmung Red Spirit
Dragsaurus Red Spirit
Goradon Red Spirit
Fenrircannon White Spirit
Dualcannon-Bell White Spirit
Berserker-Gun White Spirit
The Seven Dragons' Throne Red Nexus
The Burning Battlefield Red Nexus
Double Draw Red Magic
Extra Draw Red Magic
Offensive Aura Red Magic
Buster Spear Red Magic
Flame Tempest Red Magic
Dragons' Rush Red Magic
Der Ring des Nibelungen Red Magic
Defensive Aura White Magic
Silent Wall White Magic
Pure Elixir White Magic