Cards Edit

1.Create a blank page

2.Name it, it will be the name of your card

3.Click add other templates under the templates menu in your right bottom

4.Search Card infobox and click insert

5.Enter the parameters


jpname: Japanese name in the title box

kanji: Japanese name in the info box

image: Name of your image (Must be uploaded first)

nameEN: English name in english sets (Can be different from original name, if same no need to type)

set: The set your card belongs to (eg. BS01, BSF01)

color: Color of your card

cost: Cost of your card

reduction: Reduction symbols of your card (Those above your cost, must type the color)

symbols: How many and what color your symbol(s) is/are

bravecondition: What condition your card needs to brave others (Brave Only)

family: Which Family your card belongs to (eg. Emperor Beasts, Gaudy Troopers)

ability: effects with a name (eg. Clash, Crush)

level: The levels, BP and core will be showed here. Format: Level _: _ core, ____ BP

effect: The effects your card have

flavor: The words on the bottom of your card

rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Master Rare, X-Rare

illust: Who drawn your card

rulings: Banned, limited or just none

6. Click OK then click Publish

Your done! Make your own page now! If you have any problems comment below.

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