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Grey is one of the colors of cards in the world of Battle Spirits. It is represented by the moonstone symbol. It first appear in SD01.


The two main in using Grey is to fill your trash and build a powerful defense. Like white, grey is defensive by nature. Some of their spirits get extra BP for blocking and other bonuses. Some Grey Spirits can block more than one spirit at a time. Also like white it has a few defensive spells. While Grey can build a powerful defense it can't match white in defensive power .

The second main of Grey is this it can fill up it's trash very quickly and some spirits like the AshHero Sieg-Wvyren (who gets a extra 5000 BP for having 8 of more cards in your trash)get bouses for have lots of cards in your trash. This makes Grey stronger as the battle goes along but you have to watch out of the Blue spirits keyword, Crush which will quickly destroy your deck at a fasted pace Than normal.

Themes and FlavourEdit

Grey main theme's are Dust,Ash and Boundary. Like white is has a subtheme of chivalry. One side it has cards that are assoicated with Dust and Ash (e.g. AshHero Sieg-Wvyren, Ash cloud, Endless Dust plains) and have spirit types such has Dust Moth. On the other side, grey cards also include a lot of boundary -based Spirits, Magic and Nexus, like Closed nations and the Spirit type Gate Keepers. While grey has the same subtheme of chivalry like white. It has lots of Grey spirits have the word honour

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