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The Cyan Colour is a new colour is BSF02. Its symbol is a blue water drop.


The Cyan colour is a aggressive colour. But it isn't aggressive as red does. Its main strategy is to kill high BP spirits first. To beat them, their power can be linked together. Like few water drops combining together. And when fighting against low level spirits, they can split out. Its Magic Cards are non-destructive.

However, Cyan is weak at first. Because you can't have enough spirits at first. If the enemy summoned a strong spirit. And you don't have enough Cyan Spirits. You may be defeated quickly.

Themes and FlavourEdit

The Theme of Cyan is Water. Mostly Water elements or underwater creatures. Its magic is related to water disasters. And its nexus will be underwater buildings like shipwreck or underwater palace.


-Linking Power

-Beating strong spirits easily in later game

-Non-destructive Magic Card

Comparing with Red (Another aggressive colour)Edit

-Destorying small spirits(Red) -Beating strong spirits(Cyan)

-Destruction themed Magic(Red) -Non destruction Magic Cards(Cyan)

-Themed Fire(Red) -Themed Water(Cyan)

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