I'm no artist, but I like drawing my characters regardless. I'll just drop whatever I or someone else happens to draw of them on this page.
Crystal beauties by dubs

Crystal Beauties group shot done by friend. Truly worth of the Crystalline Beauty name.

Ammie by pom

Leader of the Amaterasu (ammie) by @vrappom

Lui ares by welp

Lui and Ares as drawn by tumblruser @welpmyart

Amaterasu cult

The three of Amaterasu that were introduced on Chapter 7.

Ares maid

Ares as maid

Solon isaac

Solon -> Isaac Kabedon

Solon isaac falling

Solon to the rescue

Clay thank you

Clay giving Raizan her thanks and farewell

Rafil drool

Rafil (casual clothes) lusting over budding relationships

Clay bladra

Clay riding on a Bladra.

Lui Strom

Some Hydro Dragon, Lui and Mini-Stromhyde

Sirin and drag

Sirin going to school and Mini-Drag Magna

Ares and galvados

Ares using magic and a mini-Galvados.

Erika rafil

Mini-Rafil and fancy Erika.