Canon (カノン) is a character from of the Fanon-Novel-series, Battle Spirits REBOOT.

"Shine, the feather of light! The sword brave of yellow light! I summon The LightWingsDivineBlade Angelicfeather!"

"Wings of holy light! Smile of an angel! The ArcAngelia Raraphael! The time of battle has started!"

"The golden holy light! Yellow wings of justice! Ultimate-Valiero is here to prevail!"

"Stand up my avatar! Spread the holy light! The GunAngelia Canon!"


Canon is a Angelia that comes from other world. She has blue hair and light-orange eyes. She has battle armor that is pure white while her "human clothes" are just a gray Vest and jeans.


As an Angelia, Canon is a strong person with a sense of duty. She's willing to take any risk when necessary if it's for justice, even though she does not like to fight. She can really easily rely on someone and she is sometime a soft person and can get attacted by cute stuff. Even though she is an angelia, she doesn't know how to fly.

She have a strong personality as well, she can be mean sometime depend on her mood.


She appears in front of Silverwing The Accelrator as his guide for him to Spirit-Kai, she took Silverwing to Spirit-Kai quickly though a portal and reach a battlefield where Ultimate-Ark and his man are battling against OnyxDragon-Rider.

After Silverwing win the battle against OnyxDragon-Rider, she have introduced her self 'strong way' to Silverwing, after that she have go to the No.13 East Capital of the red land with Silverwing and Ultimate-Ark.


Canon use a yellow charge deck with an ultimate in it. Her key tatic is to decrease her opponent's spirit/ultimate's BP and destroy it.

Name Color Type
The GunAngelia Canon Yellow Spirit (Soul Burst)
The ArcAngelia Raraphael Yellow Spirit
The Angelia Gourette Yellow Spirit
The Angelia Lyell Yellow Spirit
The Angelia of Light Dariel Yellow Spirit
The LightShieldGuardian Edith Yellow Spirit
Cupid Yellow Spirit
The Angelia Machael Yellow Spirit
The Angelia Spiele Yellow Spirit
Ultimate-Valiero Yellow Ultimate
The LightWingsDivineBlade Angelicfeather Yellow Brave
The Light Shooting Hill Yellow Nexus
The Fortress Above the Clouds of Eirein Yellow Nexus
Angel Strike Yellow Magic
Symphonic Burst Yellow Magic (Burst)
Elemental Burn Yellow Magic
Absolute Zero Yellow Magic
Flower Dance Draw Yellow Magic
War Soul Hymn Yellow Magic