Cancer War Deity (ヴキャンサー神) is the one of the antagonist in the Fanon-Novel-series, Battle Spirits REBOOT.

"Cut them apart! Reap their souls! Reverse 12 Zodiac Brave! I summon The CancerAstralArmored BraveCancer!"

"I call the shadow of a Zodiac X-Rare! I summon Cancerd-Reverse!!"

"Cut down everything with your twin swords! Become the reaper of doom! The ShellBladeGeneral Legioss!!"


Cancer War Deity wears a suit of knight's armor and even has sword and shield from that time.


He is a tricky person, often lies a lot, and is always looking for fun and more crab to eat. But when he goes into battle, he will become the cutter of his opponent's life. He call Snake Emperor boss and Lion Pride the kittycat, as he is the one who thinks of all the nickname for The Dark and other characters.

List Of Nickname

For some reason, Cancer War Deity LOVES to give other people nicknames. It's a huge hobby of his. The nickname that he have created list down below:


Cancer War Deity's deck is focused on his Reverse Zodiac brave and green's specialty core boost to give him a wiping field and exhausts the opposing spirits to give his opponents an unforgetable finishing blow.

Name Color Type
The ShellBladeGeneral Legioss Green Spirit
Cancerd-Reverse Green Spirit
Kanabun Green Spirit
Shinobikogane Green Spirit
Saberhornet Green Spirit
Kacchumushi Green Spirit
The CancerAstralArmored BraveCancer Green Brave
Binding Creeper Green Magic
High Pressure Green Magic
Toughness Recovery Green Magic
Storm Attack Green Magic
Neo-Hand-Reverse Green Magic