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Brown is a new colour in BSF01. It is represented by a piece of plastic shaped like a parallelogram.


The Brown colour's main strategy is to gain cores fast and balance between attack and defense. However using Brown properly needs high skills and have costs between cards to be balanced. Brown produce many cores in the early game, so it can have a high advantage at first.

However, you must balance between attack and defense. Having strong attack but weak defense will let the enemy to win you in a full attack. But having strong defense but weak attack may let the enemy to be perpared. Then you won't win easily because of the high defense. One of the best strategy is to balance according to your enemy's colour.

Themes and FlavourEdit

Brown is themed industrial and mechanical. Its spirit is mostly robots and human scientists. Its magic cards are bombstrikes or speeding up core devolpement, like the Nuke( Destroy 1 enemy and 1 friendly nexus) and the Core Test. ( Kill 1 Human scientist and add 3 core, if no scientist remove 1 core from life and put it into the void) Its nexus is mostly industrial buildings like factories or Lumbermills.


-Producing cores fast

-Balanced attack and defense

-Sacrifing Spirits for Cores or Cards

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