• LunateckStrikeWurm

    I'm someone from the Battle Spirits Wiki. I came here to help out with my friend's work of "Battle Spirits: Destiny Chronicle", and I realized how much of a mess this place is. At the moment there are only 3(including me) people actively editing. I'm considering doing an Adoption of this wiki to be an admin, as the current admin(whoever it is) hasn't been active. So, I ask if it is alright for me to do so.

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  • Damakor97

    Draft, Byakuya Teitoku

    November 17, 2015 by Damakor97

    Hey, it's me again, Damakor97. As by my previous posts, I'm working on my first attempt at a fanfiction story about battle spirits. But before those, I made a chapter in the same genre, but more like a sequel to Sword Eyes with Yaiba as the main protagonist. But I dropped the story afterwards and begun working on a my current project. I might pick it up again after some time, but it's not a written decision. So I thought that posting it here might give me some ideas here or tips from you guys. Hope you enjoy this chapter ^_^

    Battle Spirits. A mysterious card game that releases many powers of the cards. Even though it’s masked as a normal game, when you unlock your card’s full potential, it will turn into a power unseen by many. To achieve t…

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  • Damakor97

    Tag Battle Future

    November 5, 2015 by Damakor97

    Seeming that I'm still in the writing phase, I thought that having a tag battle might give a good battle development for the story.

    This is a prologue of a future battle, does it seem fine for the moment?

    Turn 1

    “Ooi, you’ve got to keep in mind, in this fight, it isn’t needed to battle alone. Considerations to the partner is always rewarding” Matoi said.

    “Yeah, yeah. Now let’s start. Kitakami-san is waiting for me. Start step.” Ooi followed as she was impatient.

    She isn’t listening, isn’t she?” he sweatdropped as Ooi drew a card.

    “Main step. Gatoblepas is summoned.”

    The black winged cow landed on the ground, blinking it’s only eye. (LV1/1S/BP1000)

    “Turn end!”


    Life: 8

    Deck: 36/35

    Reserve: /

    Trash: 3

    Hand: 4/4

    Field: Gatoblepas (LV1/1S/BP1000)


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  • Soaker87

    I'm brainstorming an original Battle Spirits story that may or may not ever get off the ground, but I've also written a handful of fic involving the anime characters in the past.

    Was wondering if that sort of stuff is allowed on this wiki too. I'd think about crossposting it from if it is. I know the rules said you can't change the actual canon of Battle Spirits, but I never posted any of my AU stuff anyway, so that's a non-issue.

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  • Damakor97

    Hey, the name is Damakor97,

    Recently, i've been trying to write a battle spirits related story. but i'm having a bit of trouble with how i should describe the battles. If possible, could you give me an opinion on how it's good or how it can improve.

    I hope you enjoy the part of the battle, it's going to be part of my beginning stories.


    Life 5

    Deck: 36

    Reserve: 3/1S

    Trash: /

    Hand: 4

    Field: /

    Turn 1

    “The first turn is mine! Start step!”

    The table glowed for a second, afterwards, he drew from the deck.

    “Draw step. Main step. I summon Light-Bladra at level two and War Lizard at level one.”

    A little silver dragon along with an armored orange lizard appeared, chirping and hissing with excitement. (LV2/3/BP2000) (LV1/1S/BP1000)

    Turn end.


    Life 5


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  • Shido itsuka

    Need Of People

    September 22, 2015 by Shido itsuka

    Hi, is shido here, and I need some people to help me with the fanfiction, I am thinking far ahead of what will happen, so I decide to assemble a team for this fanfiction I have right now, if you're interested, please E-mail to my, if you want to know more about the project, please look at this link:
    thanks for reading this block, thank you.

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