Battle Spirits REBOOT(バトルスピリッツ再起動 <リブート> ) is a fanon/fan fiction series that is made by Shido_Itsuka. Original character are created by Shido Itsuka and Battlecardfighter, while some of the character come from the official series.

[This fan-fiction series is left unfinished/abandoned by the author.]


The world is normal, everyday is a normal day. There's no otherworld, no 3D battle, no mazoku vs human and no Battle Spirits Warring States Era. It's a basic normal day for everyone. To Silverwing The Accelrator, everyday is just a normal day, but that daily life of his will end when he meets Canon, a Angelia from Grand Lolo. She told him that there's anther world known Spirit-Kai. That world needs a hero who'll save it from the evil hands of the Zodaic that was once sealed but escaped, The SnakeMasterDeity Asklepiooze, and it's evil allies, The 12 Reverse Zodiac Braves.

Guided by the power of the 8 cores, Silverwing's battle to save Spirit-Kai has begun.


Warrior Of Otherworld

The Dark

Warrior Of Legend

  • Rekka Yukimura——————戦国最強の魂(Strongest Soul In Sengoku)
  • Muteki Seiya—————————輝石の覇者(Champion Of The Cornerstone)

Other Characters