''Battle Spirits: Destiny Chronicle''(バトルスピリッ : 運命年代記<デスティニー クロニクル>) is a fanon/fanfiction series that is made by ''Shido_Itsuka.'' Original characters created by Shido Itsuka.




"It's something nobody can tell if it exists or not."

"Some say people decide their own destiny. Some say it is the puppet string pulled by God to decide human beings' starts and ends."

"But nobody knows the brutal truth that hides behind the light that shines from the 'limitless' potential of the mankind, that one's fate can be simply decided by a book."

"It's laughable really, that fighting with a trading card game called "Battle Spirits", can grant a chance to erase their names from the destiny, to become the owner of their freedom."

"The Wheel of Destiny keeps on turning, and people have tried to escape from that ticking clock's countdown. They've failed, but I won't. I will succeed."

"I will fight, against others, even against destiny, and I will win with my Spirits and Ultimates."

——This, is a tale of those who fight against destiny.