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The boy won his first battle, but this is only the beginning. A brand new tale is opening its curtain. Beware, my enemy. We're not the same, we have new power, and we will take back our land! now just watch, we will grow stronger and stronger, the young warriors will become the shining new light.

Chapter 2

"This...can't be..." OnyxDragon-Rider got pushed out of the battlefield. He looks at Silverwing who is out of the battlefield after an few minute. He cannot believe that he lost to an human. To him, this is unforgiveable to him and to "That man" and most importantly, His Pride, this damages his pride more than anything.

"I win, now, leave this place for good!" Silverwing looked at OnyxDragon-Rider and his army behind him. "So this is the force?" it was small than what Silverwing imagine. He looked at OnyxDragon-Rider's army and roughly guessed there's only around abot 4000 to 7000 spirits." It's not that big of a group if you're talking about invasion. In past history, many invasion have over tens of thousands of man or even millions. This can't be the full force.

"Nicely done, human, I can't believe you win!" Ultimate-Ark arrived and is smiling. He is very happy about this victory.

"Well, I should thank you, thanks for carry me to this guy so I can battle him, Oh and stop calling me human, I have a name, my name is Silverwing The Accelerator."

"No need to thank me Sil,I am Ultimate-Ark, the leader of red battle force No.70."

"Sil? ah...Ok" While Silverwing and Ultimate-Ark is talking to each other, Canon is not really happy, because Silverwing comepletely forgot about her. She walk to Silverwing, and starts to pull his left ear, with Ultimate-Ark looking with sweat dropping.

"Did you forget about me!? Your guide?!"

"Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch....can you please let go...ahhhh"



"Canon, that's my name."

"OK, Canon, can you please let me go..." Silverwing is begging to Canon to let go of his poor left ear. He is feels that his left ear will tear off anytime, and he doesn't want to lose a ear for rest of his life.


"Thanks..." Canon lets go of Silverwing, his ear pure red, feeling the burring pain. And when Silverwing looked at where OnyxDragon-Rider originally was, he and his army are already disappeared while him and Canon were having a fight.

"...I am sure we'll meet again, someday." Silverwing is looking at the far north, where OnyxDragon-Rider and his army originally were. He knows he will meet OnyxDragon-Rider once again one day, he doesn't know why, but he hope this feeling come true.

"Well then, Sil, we need to take you to my lord. After all, you are an OTHERWORLDER. I need to report this and the win immediately." Ultimate-Ark said this with a little bit of serious and happiness inside his word. From his face, Silverwing can tell he is serious about this.

"I see...can you give us a ride then?"

”Sure, after an few minute that is, I need to assemble and check on my man, see you later."

"Yeah, See ya." Ultimate-Ark have left to assemble and check on his man, looks like this world is going though a lot, just like the "Otherworld" that Silvewing living in.

"Well...better start working on something then." Silverwing look at Ultimate-Ark left figure that he is going to take a while, so he put down his back pack on the ground, and took out a box. He opens the box, in there is all batosupi cards. He then started to take out cards and start to read them.

"What're you doing?“ Canon look over Silverwing's shoulder, try to see what he is doing.

”Editing my deck, of course, even know I won the last battle, I know I just got lucky he didn't notice my plan and he thinks he got the advantage and I can't possibly have a come back so I can win that game, if my opponent is going to be at that level, I need to upgrade my deck." The last game was not only close game, but a dangerous game as well. Silverwing knows very clearly that he would of lost if OnyxDragon-Rider noticed his plan and took any action to counter it. He needs to get stronger.

"I're quite a hard worker aren't you?"

"I wouldn't call myself a hard worker.“ Silverwing is looking at many cards with different effect and different colors to see what cards works best in his deck. He starts to line up the cards and is starting to make some changes, he is taking his time to edit his deck. He thinks that Ultimate-Ark is probably going to take a while so he is able to take his time. And the other thing is he needs to build a deck that counters many different things while also keeping his style and finisher. This is going to be a difficult task.

"........." For the next 1 and a half hour, Silverwing didn't say a thing. He's just putting cards down, putting cards into his deck, then removing them from the deck. He has been repeating this cycle almost endlessly, an doesn't seem to have any sign of stopping of what he is doing. Canon decides to watch this deck building progress.

".....No good..." After that, Silverwing finally speaks up. He is trying his best with his current deck building skill and he double thinks multiple times, building and rebuilding this deck over and over again and grabbing cards out of his bag and creating new combo with the current key cards or other cards in his deck. He is starting to sweat but no matter what kind of card he puts in, what kind of new combo he put in this deck, it just doesn't look right to him.

"Well...I guess I need to gather the pieces sometime later...and trying that out..." Silverwing holds the newly made deck in his hand, he will have to work about that "piece" sometime soon, but right now this deck is the best he got.

"Looks like you're finally finished." Silverwing looked up to find Canon still looking over him. "Let's go, Ultimate-Ark is done." Silverwing nodded in response, gathered his stuff, then followed Canon to Ultimate-Ark.

"Looks like you've finished, well it's time to get going." Ark has finally assembled all of his army. Silverwing and Canon takes a look, there's around about 2000~3000 spirit that are still alive."Where are we going?" Silverwing asked Ark, hope to get a direct answer.

"One of the frontier headquarters at the edge of The Land of Red. Over there you should meet our lord, he is usually there." As Ultimate-Ark talks, they have start to walk towards east, where to frontier headquarter is.

"Usually?" Said Canon. To her that is not a word to describe their own lord.

"Well you see...Our Lord likes to go and command IN the front line and battle alongside us... which has caused us a lot of trouble..."

"What a troublesome lord you have..." Canon said with a forced smile on her face, she found hard to believe that the lord of land of the red is kind of a problem children, Silverwing does too.

"Yeah...." Ultimate-Ark replied.

——Meanwhile... Somewhere else

"Huh...looks like OnyxDragon-Rider has failed." In a small Japanese styled small room, a man in a suit of white armor that covers up almost every single part of his body other than his mouth, sits in meditation on the tatami floor, in his right hand is a piece of paper, on there is the report from the front line.

"He is a fine warrior, how can he los... otherworlder huh... this will be interesting." The man raised a smile on his face. He stood up and picked up the dual-headed spear by him. He raised his hand up and a white humandroid opened the door and walked into the room.

“Sir, your orders?"

"Call OnxyDragon-Rider in... I need to ask him a few questions"

"Yes sir."

The white humandroid stood up and took a bow, he left. A few minutes later, the white humandroid is back, beside him on the right is OnxyDragon-Rider.

"He is here sir."

"Thank you Unicorn, you may now leave." The white humandriod named "Unicorn" nodded and move out of the room, leaving OnyxDragon-Rider and the armored man in the room alone.

Once that happened, OnyxDragon-Rider got down on one knee and lowered his head. "Why have you called for me, my liege?" He said with the upmost respect.

"Raise your head up," the man in the suit of armor commanded, which OnyxDragon-Rider complied with swiftly. "Now... tell me about this otherworlder."

"...If you wish, my liege."


"And here we are. Welcome to the No.13 East Capital of the red land!" After half an hour of dragon-riding, Silverwing and Canon have finally arrived at their stop, the No.13 East Capital. Currently, this place acts as one of the bases for the combined forces in the red land.

Canon quickly hops off a Rokceratops and start stretching. "We're finally here, my leg start to feel sour from that long ride." She complains about the ride on the Rokceratops as she stretch.

"I actually enjoyed this ride, it's my fist time ever riding a Rokceratops." Silverwing pats the Rokceratops on the head as a sign of good job for that ride. The Rokceratops smiles as a reply, then Silverwing hops off the Rokceratops.

"Well that's for you I guess...I didn't enjoy it as much as you." Canon finished her stretch and started to look around.

"So this is the No.13 East Capital..." Silverwing looked towards the tall, strangely shaped rocks and tall mountains. Below the mountains was a prosperous city where dragons and spirits lived in. He also saw some Ryuuman spirits patrolling the city.

"This is a cool place... so this is where the spirits live." Said Silverwing while looking at the card of No.13 East Capital in his hand, comparing the art of the card with where he is at right now.

"It's a OK place I guess, but how is this place a base?"